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Progressive firms probe the future in search of competitive advantage

As progressive firm’s probe the future to search for competitive advantages, rapid developments with technologies often makes this an obvious place to start. To capitalise on generating new business opportunities and to modernise your approach to engagements to accommodate the demand for fixed-fee arrangements, a robust technology review will help identify outdated practices and poorly designed technologies operating within your business.


A technology review should begin with understanding the current pain points and identifying what specific benefits are being sought. It should also determine what is available to create value, along with the quick-win and longer-term goals to achieve the desired benefits.


Once armed with these practical insights, a road map should be established and communicated to all stakeholders to create visibility of the future. The road map should explicitly reveal the missed opportunities and recommended solutions including the financial considerations and a return on investment plan. The road map should also highlight the technological improvements that will lead to greater competitiveness and be accompanied by a transition plan that will facilitate the adoption of new ways of working.  

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