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Mid-tier, local law firm seeks assistance with management reporting

13 September 2019

Our long-standing client based in Melbourne and Geelong sought Harriss Wagner’s expertise to assist with the re-design, development and delivery of their management reporting package. This engagement complimented and supported the implementation of the Aderant Expert practice management system, replacing Elite Enterprise and Webview reporting.

How automation leads to greater success

21 June 2019

Recently we had the opportunity to visit the Actron Air facility in Marsden Park with like-minded CEOs and business leaders. The plant was opened 12 months ago by Gladys Berejiklian, Premier of New South Wales.


Actron Air has been a family business for the past 35 years and today is the largest air conditioning manufacturer in Australia. One of the keys to their success has been the introduction of automation that has reduced both labour costs and material wastage from their manufacturing systems and processes.

Australian law firm seeks expertise to enhance its use of Aderant Expert

1 May 2019

Australian law firm with national footprint sought our expertise to assist with developing a business case to enhance its use of Aderant Expert. This engagement examined the corporate support processes provided to the Legal business as a means to improve WIP management, disbursement and expense management, billing and cash to collections. Several phases of improvements were allocated and adopted by the Corporate Support Teams to drive forward and introduce to the Legal business in 2020.     

Harriss Wagner assists with transforming high-growth local law firm

2 April 2019

Local mid-tier law firm engaged us to develop a business transformation plan to accommodate rapid growth being experienced by the firm. Upon acceptance, we were further engaged to implement the recommended interventions necessary to drive operational efficiency and aid in improving profit margins. Services specific to this engagement included program management covering multiple projects including the implementation of the Aderant Expert practice management system, process transformation including integration, data migration support and change management to ensure business buy-in and the introduction of new ways of working.

When a little advice goes a long way!

8 February 2019


When Tiger Woods was a youngster he was diligently coached by his father to develop what was to become a multi-million dollar golf swing. His father demanded that he practice diligently and frequently. With his father’s keen interest, relevant experience and ability to provide expert tuition, Tiger learned to train his mind and body to adapt to perfecting his golf swing and sharpen his aptitude for the sport in general. His coach was tough and exacting with the goal for Tiger to become the world’s number one golfer. With wise coaching and Tiger’s diligent practice, history tells us that their strategy became reality.

Why risk a data conversion disaster?

26 September 2018


Changing a law firm’s practice management system can occur every ten to fifteen years. Additionally, with organisation's merging or being acquired, data consolidation in the systems operating between the parties becomes necessary. The drivers for change in systems can vary. Progressive firms invest in such change more often to capitalise on the benefits associated with modernisation, intuitiveness, security and integration.

An evening at MoMA with Macquarie Bank.

8 August 2018


Harriss Wagner enjoys an evening viewing MoMA at NGV: 130 Years of Modern and Contemporary Art with Macquarie Bank for its inaugural Connecting Women in Business Dinner Series. The evening included a private viewing of MoMA followed by insightful discussions led by Dr Miranda Wallace, Curator of the Exhibition and Ben Perham, Head of Personal Banking, Macquarie Group.

The Connecting Women in Business Dinner Series is curated to present a networking platform for Macquarie's retail banking clients and business partners, fostering thought-provoking conversations with like-minded business professionals.

Progressive firms probe the future in search of competitive advantage

31 July 2018


As progressive firm’s probe the future to search for competitive advantage, rapid developments with technologies often makes this an obvious place to start. To capitalise on generating new business opportunities and to modernise your approach to engagements to accommodate the demand for fixed-fee arrangements, a robust technology review will help identify outdated practices and poorly designed technologies operating within your business. A technology review should begin with understanding the current pain points and identifying what specific benefits are being sought.   

Queensland Government agency seeks paper-light solution

14 June 2018


To assist in developing a road map to support its paper-light strategy including solutions to modernise, digitise and automate process-driven practices, Crown Law in Queensland engaged Harriss Wagner. The engagement required a comprehensive review of the labour-intensive legal processes to unveil the opportunities to rationalise paper and manual processes including developing a transition strategy to support new ways of working.

Crown Law comprises of an extensive pool of experienced lawyers who advise and represent the Queensland Government in all areas of law affecting the public sector and the State of Queensland. The organisation operates as a self-funded business unit of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, providing legal services to Queensland Government.

Singapore law firm seeks data analysis insights

11 May 2018


Our client, a top-tier law firm in Singapore, engaged Harriss Wagner for its unbiased advice to assist in developing a road map to improve the firm’s data integrity and modernise its practices. The engagement forms an integral part of a series of improvements including the introduction of a new business system to improve efficiency and productivity.    


Our client is an award-winning full-service commercial law firm, which provides legal services to a wide range of premier clients, including local and multi-national corporations and financial institutions. Currently one of the largest law firms in Singapore with over 300 lawyers, the firm is consistently ranked as a market leader in major practice areas having been involved in numerous challenging, complex and significant deals.

Smart apps + clear strategy = user adoption

28 February 2018


Smart applications (‘apps’) are typically agile to build and implement and can be relatively inexpensive. Apps bring data-driven insights and actionable steps to the user experience and are best when they are focussed on a specific process, functionality gap or efficiency pain point. However, it is important to not be seduced by the opportunities an app can offer to resolve a business problem as apps are not always the silver bullet.

Launch of New Payments Platform (NPP)

15 February 2018


Recently the New Payments Platform (NPP) was launched and offers Australian businesses and consumers’ greater efficiency and speed when it comes to financial transactions. Not only will business process efficiencies be introduced, cash flow management should also improve. Businesses that register will enjoy instantaneous financial transactions instead of waiting for up to 72 hours before funds are transferred from one financial institution to another. The service operates 24/7, which mitigates the need to wait until business hours commence before payment transactions can be processed.

Harriss Wagner assists with developing an integrated solution to support the Commonwealth Games

20 December 2017


Harriss Wagner is thrilled to be assisting GamesLinQ with the development of an automated and integrated scheduling solution to be used by various stakeholders during the Commonwealth Games 2018 hosted by the Gold Coast, Australia.

GamesLinQ is a privately-owned event management company with an extensive local and international network of innovative and dedicated transport professionals.

Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme requires entities to report data breaches

8 December 2017


The Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme under Part IIIC of the Privacy Act 1988 establishes requirements for entities in responding to data breaches. Entities have data breach notification obligations when a data breach is likely to result in serious harm to any individuals whose personal information is involved in the breach. 

Harriss Wagner develops investment account automation to expand Australian bank's digital portfolio

27 November 2017


An Australian investment bank engages Harriss Wagner to assist in expanding its digital portfolio by developing an integration that automates investment (controlled monies) account processes between the bank and its clients.

Our client's strong reputation in providing investment account management services is further enhanced by this initiative. The integration is designed to streamline and automate investment account processing covering account creation and closure, applying interest, withholding tax, deposits and withdrawals, facilitating EFT payments and bank reconciliation.

Simplifying Complexity

10 November 2017


Business growth and evolution is a desired and expected outcome for successful businesses. Structures evolve, technologies are continuously introduced, regulations and compliance change, and business processes are adjusted accordingly. A consequence of this evolution can include fragmentation and complexity that hinders efficiency, productivity and profitability. So how does this occur? 

Harriss Wagner invited to present insights at Salvos Legal Lecture Series – Technology and Law

4 November 2017


Is technology changing the way you work and provide legal services to your clients?


Respected members of the legal profession, together with experts in intellectual property and technology, talked about the use of technology in business, legal practice and the courtroom, exploring digital assets, social media and practical tips on advising clients in the use of technology.

Harriss Wagner shares industry insights with Thomson Reuters' Executives at Vantage 2017 APAC Regional Conference

11 October 2017


With the benefit of Harriss Wagner’s comprehensive reach across the legal industry, Amanda Harriss (Partner) was invited again this year to share her insights with the Thomson Reuters' Executives in the Industry Experts session at the Vantage 2017 Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Sydney.

Key insights Amanda shared to address some of the challenges for law firms . . .

Preparing for the sunset of Elite Enterprise

1 September 2017


With the announcement of the sunset of the Elite Enterprise practice management system, it is important to consider the appropriate time to select, negotiate and migrate to your new practice management solution.


If you are in need of professional assistance with evaluating your options, preparing a RFP (Request for Proposal) covering your technical, functional and data migration scope, or negotiating the best price and terms for the replacement solution - we have the proven strategies and experience to share with you.

Motivated by making a difference

7 August 2017


Harriss Wagner has engaged with Salvos Legal and Salvos Legal Humanitarian to assist the profit-for-purpose law firm under our pro bono program to improve their business systems and reporting. Salvos Legal is focused on improving efficiency and services delivery for their clients and the people who need legal services the most.

Salvos Legal is a social enterprise law firm and Salvos Legal Humanitarian is their free-law firm. Both entities are wholly owned by The Salvation Army. Since 2010, Salvos Legal has been widely recognised as an innovator in the legal industry.

Five reasons why change interventions fail

26 June 2017


The rate of change has increased exponentially with many people citing advancing technologies as the catalyst for accelerating change.  When compared to the past millennium, the ever increasing rate of change seems more prevalent today than ever before.

Whilst change is generally accepted as a necessary consequence to improve our living standards and work practices, change undoubtedly presents many uncertainties and insecurities for individuals, communities and organisations. Typically within traditional sectors, ingrained organisational cultures tend to be particularly resistant to change.

Planning to modernise the legal practices of a top-tier bank

6 June 2017


Innovation is at the heart of the Legal, Compliance and Secretariat team within Westpac Banking Corporation to become one of the world’s leading service companies. This top-tier bank engaged Harriss Wagner to advise on the opportunities to evaluate and select their next generation technologies to integrate with the broader business.

Westpac Banking Corporation services nearly 13 million customers to help achieve their financial goals.

Supporting the expansion of a global giant

1 May 2017

Clifford Chance extends its relationship with Harriss Wagner to assist the global practice management system team with support services across the United Kingdom and Asia-Pacific regions. 

Prior engagements include assisting with the management of the combination of the two Australian offices together with the global operations in 2011; and assisting with the consolidation and standardisation of business processes during the implementation of the Keystone practice management system integrated with Oracle Financials in 2001-06. 

Clifford Chance's roots date back to the 1800's and today the firm offers a breadth and depth of legal expertise operating in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas.


Evolve to support continuous growth of Queensland firm

3 April 2017


Harriss Wagner was delighted to support mid-tier law firm, McInnes Wilson, to replace its legacy practice management system with Practice Evolve to achieve its continuous growth plans.

McInnes Wilson is a reputable, full-service Queensland-based law firm that has recently expanded its footprint into New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and South Australia.

Global giant makes headway downunder

15 March 2017


This global law firm is leading the way in advancing change for the benefit of its clients by challenging the status quo, delivering consistent and uncompromising quality and value to its clients in new and innovative ways. Our client engaged Harriss Wagner to assist with achieving the change.

Our client is one of the world's largest law firms offering clients services in 145 locations serving 60+ countries.

Digitisation for the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution

6 March 2017


Harriss Wagner has been delighted to provide unbiased advice on business systems and best-practice processes to assist the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution to determine the scope and opportunities to digitise and automate its legal practices distributed across Australia.


The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution is an independent prosecution service established to prosecute alleged offences against the law in Australia.

Positioning for expansion

23 January 2017

Harriss Wagner was engaged by Rigby Cooke, Melbourne-based law firm, to assist with positioning the firm for expansion by undertaking a review of its current technology and providing recommendations for its future IT and business strategy.

With origins that can be traced back to the 1840's, Rigby Cooke is a full-service law firm that provides commercial expertise and industry knowledge to private and public sector clients across Australia.

The risky business of shunning change

1 September 2016


Much can be learned from the demise of Kodak’s photographic film business. Once a thriving industry leader, Kodak fell victim to its inability to embrace change through the introduction of modern technology. Today Kodak is a shadow of its former self.

In 1975, the digital camera was invented by Kodak employee, Steven Sasson. At the time, Kodak enjoyed a monopoly over the photographic film industry and lucrative profit margins. Save to say, the digital camera was not well received by Kodak executives ....

Intapp Open certification for Harriss Wagner

19 August 2016


Harriss Wagner is pleased to announce that it has completed the training modules and become certified to implement the Intapp Open solution across the Asia-Pacific region.

Intapp Open is a leading business acceptance solution for law firms and a growing number of accounting, consulting and financial services firms – adopted by more than 200 customers worldwide. Intapp Open enables faster, more efficient, information-driven client evaluation processes that align new business intake with the firm’s goals.

3e Implementation including data migration for Hong Kong firm

1 August 2016


​Harriss Wagner is delighted to continue its relationship with our client, a Hong Kong law firm, by assisting with its replacement of the Elite Enterprise practice management system following the announcement from Thomson Reuters Elite that the system will be sunseted in 2020. Key to this engagement has been assisting with the data migration process. Harriss Wagner's relationship with our client dates back to 2005 when we conducted a strategic review of the Elite Enterprise implementation to identify opportunities to leverage the firm's investment. 


Our client was established in Hong Kong in the 1850's and today the firm boasts over 600 lawyers and business services staff working across the full spectrum of legal practices.

Standardisation - the newest custom for law firms

13 July 2016


​If standardisation is the future, does it provide the avenue for innovation and competitive distinction? In an industry where for many years customisation of systems has been considered the only effective means to handle the complex inner-workings of law firms, it may come as a surprise to some that standardisation has made a revival. So, how can standardisation benefit your law firm?


Put simply, standardisation can provide benefits in four main areas – efficiency, cost, compatibility and agility.

Systems review and selection for NSW prosecutions department

15 June 2016


​To increase efficiency, flexibility and mobility to provide modern ways of working, our client, a State Government prosecutions agency, engaged Harriss Wagner to conduct an independent review of its business systems and processes to provide solution options and recommendations for consideration.

Our client is an independent prosecutorial body, created in 1987 by the Director of Public Prosecutions Act 1986. The organisation is a medium sized government agency with approximately 600 staff, comprising of solicitors and administrative officers from the Solicitors Office and Crown Prosecutors.

New business intake and process improvements

10 June 2016


To improve client service delivery and increase efficiency our client engaged Harriss Wagner to conduct an independent review of its business systems and processes to ratify its IT Strategic Plan and provide solution options and recommendations for consideration.


Our client is a mid-tier law firm with four offices on Australia's eastern seaboard. The firm provides legal services to its diverse and highly valued clients from mid-sized publicly listed companies, foreign owned subsidiaries, large associations, government departments and authorities to privately owned businesses.

Global alignment

15 March 2016


To align the firm’s Australian operations to a global platform, our client, a global law firm, engaged Harriss Wagner to provide project-wide strategic advice, and on a more detailed level, to plan, manage and validate the migration of data from its legacy Keystone practice management system into Aderant Expert.

Our client is an international law firm with 46 offices in 21 countries. It was formed in 2014 through the merger of two multinational law firms.

Maximising return on investment

9 December 2015


​To maximise its recent investment in the Elite 3E practice management system, our client a NSW State Government Agency, engaged Harriss Wagner to undertake a review of the adoption of the system across its operations and provide a go-forward strategy. Recommendations from the review were agreed upon and Harriss Wagner was re-engaged to assist with implementing a number of the strategies.  

For more than 180 years our client has been assisting the Parliament of New South Wales hold government accountable for its use of public resources. We do this by reporting directly to parliament on our audits of government financial reports and performance.

Harriss Wagner invests time in reviewing SAP by Fulcrum

9 November 2015


Harriss Wagner has invested time and resources in reviewing SAP by Fulcrum to determine its viability for the small to medium enterprises in the APAC market. Our clients often want to know their options when it comes to replacing their practice management systems so we make it our business to search the globe to learn about what is available to the region and learn about the system's capabilities and functionalities. 

Will undertaking a business process transformation make a difference?

22 October 2015


​When querying why business processes are performed in a certain way, we often hear the response “we’ve always done it this way”. Nothing is more crippling to an organisation than these words, blocking the possibilities for change or continuous improvement. What is the solution and how can organisations make the shift from what they have always done to new ways of working? 

Harriss Wagner supports the LawTech conference 2015 by ChilliQ

9 September 2015


​Harriss Wagner sponsors the 10th LawTech Summit and Awards for 2015 hosted by ChIlli iQ at the QT hotel in the Gold Coast and looks forward to listening to the law firm trends presented by many of the CIOs in the Asia-Pacific region.

A strategy for Matter Planning

1 September 2015


​To thrive in today’s competitive legal market, law firms need to improve efficiency. Matter planning (aka matter management) has been trending over the past decade; so how deeply have law firms invested in improving their legal services to create a new norm? Alternative pricing models continue to be the response to matter planning pressures, but how far can the price discussions go before you devalue the very reason your expertise was sought by a client?  

Facilitating innovation for a premium law firm

1 September 2015


​Harriss Wagner assists our client, an Australian law firm, by advising on best practices in business process automation supporting its newly acquired Aderant practice management system along with developing and delivering their eLearning training program to innovate the facilitation of user adoption. 


Our client is a premium Australian-based law firm renowned for advising clients on their most significant legal matters: high-stake transactions, disputes and commercial issues.

NewLaw firm with a real difference

13 July 2015


Harriss Wagner has been engaged by our client, an Australian NewLaw firm, to provide trusted advice in best practice options on arising technologies and business systems for use in the future.


Our client is a contemporary law firm liberating their best people to use their core skills and energy to do what they do best. The firm was founded by a group of experienced partners from large law firms who sought to redesign legal services, and to remove barriers to effective, connected thinking.

Leading technology in Australian Government

1 July 2015


​Our client, an Australian Federal Government Agency, engaged Harriss Wagner to help introduce leading technologies and modernise its legal practices with the planning and implementation of the Elite practice management system, which includes automating and improving business processes, conducting the data migration and, providing training and support. 


Our client integrated with the Attorney-General’s Department on 1 July 2015 and continues to operate as the pre-eminent provider of legal services to the Australian Government and its agencies.

Harriss Wagner supports the Thomson Reuters Elite Vantage conference 2015

6 April 2015


​Harriss Wagner is pleased to sponsor the 2015 Thomson Reuters Elite Vantage conference at the Langham hotel in Melbourne. Of great interest will be to learn of the latest technology developments from Thomson Reuters Elite and meet our clients attending the event.

Harriss Wagner supports the 8th Managing Partners Forum 2015 by ChilliQ

27 February 2015


​Harriss Wagner is pleased to announce that it will be sponsoring the 8th Managing Partners Forum hosted by Chilli iQ at the Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa in the Gold Coast. We look forward to learning the latest insights from legal guru Richard Susskind as the legal industry continues to be disrupted by technology and globalisation.

Why outsource or use managed services?

2 February 2015


System integration projects typically present law firms with the challenge of balancing time and financial constraints with delivering best-practice solutions that enable the business to maximise return on its technology investment. Critical to project success is engaging dedicated resources that bring the right mix of technical and business skills. Equally important is to identify the skill and experience gaps that exist within the internal team and utilise the experience of external resources where appropriate.

Law firms and technology. Is the tail wagging the dog?

28 November 2014


In this rapidly changing and fiercely competitive market, it has become clear that the use of technology is critical to success. So have law firms got technology in perspective?


Law firms are increasingly investing in the latest technology, often under the pretence that the investment alone will provide major business improvements. But does the technology deliver value to the business? Does the technology enable efficiencies and opportunity for innovation? Does it make a difference to the bottom line?

The relationship between in-house counsel and private practice.

15 October 2014


​A supportive and open partnership between in-house counsel and their legal panel firms is a crucial ingredient towards fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. However, is there more to consider? Over recent years, in-house counsel has enjoyed a rise in status as corporations seek to leverage more value from within. This evolution has lured high-profile lawyers out of private practices to head up in-house teams. Armed with knowledge of legal firm margins, in-house counsel has applied greater scrutiny to the cost of legal services.

Getting the strategy right or getting the strategy implemented the right way!

6 May 2014


​During the golden decade leading up to the global financial crisis many respected business gurus sold the idea that either the 'strategy' or the 'implementation' needed to be right for success to follow. This mantra is no longer true with uncertainty being the new normal. Therefore to remain competitive, adaptable strategies are required that can be supported by achievable implementation. 

Thomson Reuters Elite Vantage Conference 2014

3 March 2014


​Harriss Wagner is pleased to announce its continued support of the legal industry by sponsoring the 2014 Thomson Reuters Elite conference at the Langham hotel in Melbourne. During our attendance we shall be keen to learn of the new product developments launched with the Elite 3e practice management system and to meet many of our clients who have already implemented the Elite 3e system and are seeking ways to leverage more from the system. 

7th Managing Partners Forum by ChilliQ

21 February 2014


​Harriss Wagner is proud to support the legal industry by sponsoring the 7th Managing Partners Forum hosted by Chilli iQ at the Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa in the Gold Coast. We look forward to listening to new insights as the legal industry prepares for industry disruptions caused by technology and globalisation.

Women to Watch - Australasian Lawyer

4 February 2014


​Harriss Wagner is proud to sponsor the Australian Lawyer 'Women to Watch' editorial in Australasian Lawyer that focuses on the leading women in the Australian legal industry. Improving gender diversity is a contemporary topic and an important modernisation strategy for successful law firms in Australia. Congratulations to all of the featured finalists.

Marriages and mergers - for love or money?

6 December 2013


​When mergers and acquistions (M&A) feature in a firm's growth strategy, opportunities often include expanded services, a broader demographic footprint and financial gains to shareholders. However, when M&A opportunities emerge, otherwise savvy executives can act like hopeless romantics under Cupid’s spell. Given this phenomenon, maybe similar lessons apply to M&As as courtships and marriage.

Improving performance

17 August 2012


​To improve system performance and user experience our client, a global law firm, engaged Harriss Wagner to plan and manage the upgrade of its Elite 3e practice management solution and associated change.

Our client is one of the largest law firms in the world with 7,700 lawyers in 160 offices across 63 countries.


National Consolidation

9 February 2012


​To efficiently consolidate its offices across Australia our client, a global law firm with roots in North America, appointed Harriss Wagner to assist in selecting and implementing the Elite 3e practice management system together with streamlining processes.

Our client is a fully integrated global law firm with offices located across five continents.

Building a business case to facilitate change for a major bank

25 November 2011


​To enhance its operations with an integrated practice management solution including document management our client, a top-tier Australian bank engaged Harriss Wagner to gather operational requirements to build a business case to facilitate change.

Our client is one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia in terms of market capitalisation, earnings and customers and at the time of writing is ranked the 21st largest bank in the world.

System selection for New Zealand firm

23 September 2011


​To provide strategic advice and assistance with the selection of a new practice management solution and client relationship management solution to be implemented across its multiple offices in New Zealand our client appointed Harriss Wagner.

Our client is a major New Zealand law firm. Founded in 1840 and is one of New Zealand's largest law firms.

Combining Operations in Australia and across the globe

28 July 2011


​To effectively consolidate its Sydney and Perth office systems, business processes and reporting information with its global operations our client, an international law firm, engaged Harriss Wagner.

Our client is one of the largest law firms in the world with offices across five continents.

Prosci's global survey results on change and change management

22 April 2011


Harriss Wagner is delighted to have participated once again and contributed to the global survey on change and change management that is co-ordinated by Prosci.

A key finding of the survey  includes: “Projects with an effective change management strategy were more likely to meet objectives than those with ineffective strategies to manage change."

Improving communications within Patent Attorney firm

6 October 2010


​To improve communications and performance our client, an Australian Patent Attorney firm, engaged Harriss Wagner to review the organisation's structure and business operations to development a transition strategy to be executed across its offices.

Our client is a leading Australian patent attorney firm specialising in intellectual property, trademarks & patents. The firm has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Providing independent advice to New Zealand firm

24 September 2010


To replace its practice management system and streamline many business processes deployed across its offices in New Zealand and Abu Dhabi, our client engaged Harriss Wagner to provide independent advice and assist in reviewing its options.

Our client is a premier New Zealand law firm with 30 partners supported by more than 140 people based in Auckland and Wellington.

Peer review

30 August 2010


​Seeking a peer review of the selection of numerous practice management systems our client, a top-tier New Zealand law firm, appointed Harriss Wagner to provide insight to the opportunities and risks associated with the anticipated change.

Our client is New Zealand's largest commercial law firm with over 150 partners and staff.

Improving IT support

20 May 2010


​To evaluate IT support services and system performance against planned growth and business demands in the Asia Pacific region our client, a global law firm, engaged Harriss Wagner to conduct an independent review and deliver a business case for improvement.


Our client is a global law firm with more than 4,000 lawyers and legal staff based in Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

New ways of working for international airline

14 August 2009


​To capture the formidable force of knowledge and information across offices worldwide our client, an international airline, engaged Harriss Wagner to design and manage its change management program to complement the change in technology for the business.

Our client is the flag carrier of Hong Kong, with its head office located at Hong Kong International Airport. The airline's operations and subsidiaries have passenger and cargo services to 180 destinations in 44 countries worldwide.

Managing Change

12 August 2009


To enhance its operations and manage operational change our client, an Australian law firm, engaged Harriss Wagner to review its operational position and recommend best-practice solutions for use in its multiple offices across Australia.


Our client is an Australian law firm with more than 700 people working from eight offices across Australia. The firm's legal services spans corporate and commercial to construction, workplace to insurance, IP to IPOs, mining to manufacturing, and property to procurement.

Combining global operations

3 August 2009


​To combine forces between our client, a global law firm and another existing client, an Asia-based top-tier law firm, Harriss Wagner was engaged to assist with managing the change together with the integration of the Aderant Expert practice management system and reporting between Asia, North America and United Kingdom.

Our client is a global law firm founded in Chicago. The firm has over 1,500 lawyers in 25 offices across the globe.

Improving legal panel management for CSIRO

24 April 2009


To assist in managing its legal panel relationships our client, an Australian Government Scientific and Research agency, engaged Harriss Wagner to provide advice on the evaluation, selection and implementation of a new matter management and document management system to be integrated with its current SAP and Trim solutions.

Founded in 1916 and today with 5,000 staff our client is the federal government agency for scientific research in Australia. Its chief role is to improve the economic and social performance of industry, for the benefit of the community.

Operations review

31 March 2009


​To determine its options for business improvement and efficiency in its operations across multiple offices in New Zealand, our top-tier client appointed Harriss Wagner to conduct a strategic operations review leading to multiple systems change.

Founded in 1857, our client is a New Zealand law firm with over 200 staff across its offices in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Nelson.

Improving efficiency

13 March 2009


​With the vision of improving its operations through the use of efficient systems and processes our client, a mid-tier Australian law firm, engaged Harriss Wagner to manage the completion of its implementation of the Elite 3E practice management system ensuring adoption by all stakeholders.

With a history that dates back to the 1920's our client is an Australian law firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Supporting growth

26 February 2009


To accommodate continuous growth plans our client, a top-tier Australian bank engaged Harriss Wagner to assist with its reporting analysis and development to improve communications with its reputable legal panel.

Founded in 1817, our client today has over 32,000 staff servicing 13 million customers and is one of Australia's four largest banks. 

Multiple systems change

14 Aoril 2006


​To assist with the selection and implementation of a fleet of best-of-breed systems covering practice management, client relationship management, document management and document assembly our client, a top-tier Australian law firm,  engaged Harriss Wagner. 

Our client is a leading independent Australian law firm operating nationally from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Managing growth

26 February 2006


​To consolidate its business processes and systems following substantial growth our client, a national law firm across Australia, appointed Harriss Wagner to analyse its incumbent systems and business processes across its four (4)  offices, which resulted in replacing its legacy systems with the Aderant Expert practice management system and WorkSite document management system.

Out client is a commercial law firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. The firm has over 50 partners and approximately 300 staff.

Preparing for the future.

17 June 2005


To review and improve business processes and business systems in preparation for the next decade our client, a mid-tier Australian law firm appointed Harriss Wagner to conduct a strategic review of its operations.


Our client is an independent corporate law firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, the firm employs over 500 professionals.

Piper Alderman's Edge

24 March 2005

Piper Alderman is continuing to edge ahead with the firm’s growth strategy, says managing partner Simon Ward. Significant in-roads into new geographical markets with rapidly growing offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is certainly evidence that Piper Alderman is no longer just an Adelaide firm.

Living for today - Gearing up for the future

1 February 2005

Wisewoulds Lawyers, a Melbourne law firm established in 1853, offers a broad range of legal services and is well known for its insurance practice. Wisewoulds is on a number of panels for government insurance work - a position it intends to retain.

Supporting business growth

31 August 2004


To support major business growth plans and improve its technology platform and business processes our client, a mid-tier Australian law firm, engaged Harriss Wagner to manage and support the systems and associated business change.

Founded in 1893 , our client was an Australia commercial law firm of 45 partners in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. In 2017 the firm announced its merger with Norton Rose Fulbright.


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