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Salvos Legal Lecture Series – Technology and Law

Is technology changing the way you work and provide legal services to your clients?


Respected members of the legal profession, together with experts in intellectual property and technology, talked about the use of technology in business, legal practice and the courtroom, exploring digital assets, social media and practical tips on advising clients in the use of technology.


Luke Geary, Managing Partner, Salvos Legal and Salvos Legal Humanitarian provided opening and closing comments on the history of the Lecture Series and his return to Mills Oakley (where his legal career commenced) in the coming weeks. Alexander Kuklik, Barrister, 12 Wentworth Selborne Chambers highlighted trends and use of Predictive Coding. Garth Campbell, Barrister, Five Wentworth Chambers covered a comprehensive session on Electronic Litigation. Amanda Harriss, Partner, Harriss Wagner conveyed her insights and experience in Exploring the Use of Technology in Business highlighting the opportunities for law firms to further automate. Bridie Nolan, Barrister, 12 Wentworth Selborne Chambers provided some interesting intel and advice on the Use of Social Media in the Courtroom. Chris Connor, Executive Manager of Emerging Technology, Commonwealth Bank delivered a riveting session on the Introduction to Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

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